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WGRC Staff – David B

David started working for WGRC in August 2017.  In addition to hosting on Sundays from 3-7 pm, David specializes in audio production and does his best to bring his youthful age and enthusiasm to the rest of the WGRC staff. 

When he was 13 years old, David and his family started the business David’s Awesome Cookies, a small roadside stand that grew to become a legend within the Central PA region.  David eventually sold the business to the Walter family in an effort to solely focus his energy on going to college, but his original business still exists today as David’s Awesome Cookies and Pretzels.

David graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in broadcasting.  Although his original desire was to make and record his own music, David became fascinated with radio, and eventually joined the radio station WQSU during his sophomore year of college.  After his graduation, David continued working at WQSU as a volunteer; and eventually applied and graduated from the Confer Radio Institute, a two-week program specifically designed to educate and train the future broadcasters of America in the realm of sales, advertising, production, and sports. 

It was David’s love of music that eventually led him to seeking a career in radio.  Growing up as a kid, David fondly remembers the moments his dad used to play guitar and listen to music on the radio.  His dad and his mom were also the main source of influence and encouragement for David’s faith, and he came to Christ when he was age 12, the same year that he started learning how to play the guitar. 

When he is not busy working, David enjoys volunteering at WQSU and occasionally leads worship services at Buffalo Valley Church of the Brethren.  He also enjoys shopping at local thrift stores for new music, and also tries recording his own music when he has an opportunity.  God, Music, and finding a career in radio have been the central components in David’s life, and he’s grateful to find all of those essential components here at WGRC.

“I came from a highly religious family when I was a kid, however my faith in Christ was highly-shaped and developed from the perspective of my father.  My father grew in a tight-knit Amish Community in Lancaster.  When he was young, his father was in a terrible accident that left him paralyzed, and he and his mother were responsible of taking care of their farm and the family.  My dad as a kid developed a love for music and for radio, which was something most members of his community didn’t necessarily approve.  After getting married to his first wife, my dad came to realize that the legalism of his church community was a difficult environment for him to raise his children in, and he eventually left the community with his family and moved to Snyder County.  My dad loved his home in Lancaster, and he was brokenhearted to leave it, but he felt that God was calling him away from the lifestyle he had known in pursuit of better things. 

After moving to Snyder country, my dad was continually tested and refined in his faith.  He lost his first wife to cancer, which left him with five children to raise.  Later on, he got married to my mother, and after 20 years of marriage, she divorced him and left me and my younger brother in his care.  My dad endured more suffering than any man should have to bear, yet he never gave up on his faith in God, and our family has remained close through God’s love and provision. 

After coming to Christ at age 12, I sought to have the spiritual faith of my father, only to later realize that I still had a long way to go.  In high school, I was religiously devout and was encouraged my peers and elders to seek after a relationship in God.  However, when I entered college, I realized that not everyone felt the love or desire to build a relationship with God.  I didn’t go to a Christian school, so there was no regimented curriculum or mandatory chapel services for me to fall back on. I quickly learned that there was more to my faith than simply going to church, praying, and reading my bible.  During my times at college, I learned the best way to maintain my faith in God was to continually believe in him, just like my father had believed in him all those years ago.  I learned to open my mind and reached out to the lost, seeking to understand everyone I encountered instead of just shouting out bible verses and prayers of salvation.  Even after I graduated college, I continued to struggle with my faith and questioned my belief in God.  Yet I remember the hardships my father went through; and it is because of God’s provision through my father that I’ve retained my faith. 

I feel that WGRC is a place for me to grow and develop in my faith.  The people I work with are passionate about God and are probably the most selfless people I’ve ever met.  I pray that over time that God will lead me to do incredible things in his name.  Yet until then, I will keep my faith in him, and learn to recognize his presence in my life.” – David

Psalm 25:4-5 “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”



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