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October Bible Drive – Archive


WGRC is partnering with Advance Global Literature again this year to collect Bibles for India!

The Bible Drive runs from 10/1/16 through 10/31/16

Contributions from WGRC Listeners
To date WGRC listeners have sent 33,500 books and Bibles to India…
2014:  13,839 Books & 1,461 Bibles were collected
2015:  17,209 Books & 973 Bibles were collected
Thank you!

List of Needed Books, Used & New

1. Study Bibles
2. Bibles, Pew Bibles, & Children’s Bibles (in high demand!)
3. Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Concordances, & other Bible study tools
4. All Christian Books, including Christian Fiction & Christian Romance
5. Classics, such as: Red Badge of Courage, Heidi, etc.
6. All Children’s Books
7. Hymnals & Song Books
8. Encyclopedia Sets & Dictionaries
9. National Geographic Magazines
10. Large Coffee Table Picture Books, Reference Books, Maps, Atlases, Wildlife Books, etc.

*Please DO NOT Send The Following:

1. Our Daily Bread & other daily devotionals
2. Cassettes or Videos

**A suggested donation of $1 per box of books will help Advance Global Literature with shipping expenses**

Drop Off Locations

Catawissa Christian Church
102 Main St. (570) 336-2566
Mon-Wed 10AM-12PM, Thu 10AM-1PM, Sun 9AM-1PM

Bason Coffee
14 Rear Mahoning St. (570)764-2740
(Located at the Intersection of Ferry and Mahoning St. Behind McWilliams and the Library)
Mon & Tue 7AM-1PM, Wed 9AM-1PM, Thu 7AM-4:30PM, Fri 7AM-6PM, Sat 9AM-1PM

101 Armory Blvd (570) 523-1190
Mon-Thu 8AM-5PM Fri 8AM-4:30PM

Evangel Baptist Church
375 W 5th St. (717) 242-2769
Mon- Fri 8:30AM-4PM

Mount Carmel
Hope Community Church
551 W 4th St. (570) 339-2906
Tue & Thu 7:30AM-2PM (or call to schedule an alternative time)

Palo Alto Church
Union & Cadbury Streets
Thu 5-8 PM, Fri 8AM-4PM (Or by calling 570-640-1136 to schedule an alternative time)

Richfield Life Ministries Church
167 Church Street (717)694-3490
at Family Center in Foyer – open 24hrs.

Selinsgrove Nazarene Church
543 W Sassafras St. (570)374-0028
Mon – Fri 8AM-4PM

Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church
967 Mile Hill Rd. (570) 286-8313
Mon – Fri 8AM-1:30PM

State College
WTLR Radio Studios
2020 Cato Ave (800) 288-9857
Mon – Fri 8AM-4PM (tub out at night & on weekend for smaller amounts)

Revival Tabernacle Church
960 Susquehanna Trail (570)538-2000
Mon – Sun (in bin under overhang near front entrance)

3:16 Covenant Church
1101 Washington Blvd. (570) 323-9316
Sat 2PM-7PM

The Gap Fellowship
312 Maynard St. (570)220-9514
Sun 8:30AM-12PM, Mon 6:30-8:30PM, Wed 6:15-7:45PM

A few Bible facts from our ministry partners at Advance Global Literature:


  • Many pastors, Christian leaders, & lay people in India have no libraries, resources, or Bible study tools.
  • Many believers don’t even have a Bible.
  • With over a billion people, India has the second largest English speaking population in the world.
  • Many private schools in India are English Medium Schools, creating a significant need for Bibles, Christian books, Encyclopedia sets, English Dictionaries, National Geographic Magazines, & other study tools in English.


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