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Year End Financial Need Countdown

Since this radio ministry began broadcasting in 1988, God has continually met our financial needs through the generous donations of listeners.  WGRC has been celebrating 30 years of God’s faithfulness all year long.  We invite you to partner with us during the WGRC Year End Financial Need Countdown to help take care of the financial needs that remain for 2018 and start year #31 prepared for all that God will do in 2019!

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Remaining Need:  $0 (of $102,742)

We have reached our goal! Praise God for His provision through His people!

Any gifts received online or postmarked 12/31/2018 will be added to the Countdown Total
and will be receipted as tax-deductible donations for 2018.

Gifts May Be Sent To: WGRC / 101 Armory Blvd Lewisburg, PA 17837

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Thank You

Your gifts make a difference in the lives of our listeners!

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Below is a collection of “God Stories” from WGRC listeners.  As we celebrate what God has done with the WGRC Radio ministry in Central Pennsylvania for the last 30 years we also celebrate what He has done in the lives of listeners!

“I love listening to the inspirational music. Also knowing that I will hear godly music, scripture and programs. I donate to keep this station on and to help people listening in our area. God Bless! – Rhonda

My cousin, 19 at the time, borrowed my car and had a very serious accident. He was in a coma for 7 days. A lady at my church told me to call everyone I knew – family, friends, neighbors and ask them to pray for him. He had to go to rehab for 6 months because he couldn’t walk or talk. I was so glad I did what she told me to do, because God healed him. His only problem is he sometimes has to wear a knee brace! God is so good!” – Carol

“I have been richly blessed over the years. I have a loving husband and four wonderful married children with spouses that love the Lord, as do the others. I have 9 grandchildren and one on the way too! Lots of arrows in my quiver. Thank you, Jesus!”

I began teaching Sunday School 4 or 5 years before WGRC first signed on the air, paralleling ministry years with the station for another 25 years. But the biggest common denominator is God at work in it! Evidenced by the spiritual impact and growth of many of those students over the years, an impact that has included the ministry of WGRC. So awesome!
– Dan & Deb

“As we give to the WGRC ministry, we are blessed financially, and know that we cannot out give God. It is our joy to bless others through the ministry of music on WGRC.”

“Our daughters are grown now, but it has been such a blessing to have your radio station to listen to all through their lives and ours too. Thanks 🙂 – Kris

“Over 18 years ago my husband and I prayed for God tot lead our family to a place to relocate from WY. He led us to a local Christian school, a growing bible-based church, new friends, closer to family and WGRC to help us in our journey of faith here in central PA and we thank Him for you all!”
– Cheryl, Milton

“He has never let me down. I know I am never alone.”

“My life has been full of hilltops and valleys that always seem to affect my relationship with God. I keep asking myself the same question- “why?” A few years ago I found myself in the deepest valley I could ever imagine. I wanted to give up. Family and friends surrounded and supported me. My church family introduced me to Contemporary Christian Music and WGRC. Positive words and encouragement from family, friends and your station were used by God to get me through the valleys. Thank you, keep up the great ministry.

God’s been faithful! Since I moved to the area 20 years ago, this station has blessed me and my family greatly with encouraging words, uplifting songs and a positive, God centered message.

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