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Youth Talent Winners

On Stage @ 2:00 PM


Congratulations to the Get Real Youth Talent Competition Winners for 2016:  Junior Division Masy Devlin & Senior Division Addy Stroup!  Masy and Addy will be on stage sharing their musical gifts with us starting at 2:00 PM on Friday August 19 at WGRC Day at Knoebels!

IMG_3697About Masy (Junior Division Winner)

Masy is entering her freshmen year at Meadowbrook Christian school.  She enjoys participating in the school praise team where she plays bass guitar and sings. She plays soccer and basketball and runs on the track team. She also leads a girl’s bible study on campus.  She attends Shiloh Bible Church where she is active in the youth group.  She also serves on the worship team with her family.  Masy has an older brother and a younger sister.  She is an avid reader and really likes Christian fiction by Rachel Dekker and can’t wait for her new book to come out in the fall.  


About Addy (Senior Division Winner)

My name is Adrianna Stroup, but most people call me Addy. I am 18 years old and the youngest of five siblings. Homeschooled all my life, I graduated in 2015 and have had the privilege of being a nanny over the past year.  I have always loved singing but I never imagined singing in front of people. I didn’t begin singing publicly until about two years ago when I was challenged by my pastor to sing in church after he viewed a Facebook video of my sister and I singing in the car. Since that time, I have sung on the church praise team, at a few community events and fundraisers, and at a wedding.  At the urging of my brother and several people from my church, entering the WGRC Get Real Singing Competition has been another way that God has been stretching me to trust in Him.  At the beginning of this singing journey, I was fearful and caught up in worrying about messing up or failing.   That fear has faded as I have come to ask “How can I best use the giftings and talents God has given me to bring glory and honor to Him?”.   I don’t know yet what vocation God is calling me to, but I do know I can trust Him. Whatever He calls me to do, my desire is that that it will be pleasing, honoring and glorifying to God!


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