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WGRC Staff – Kristine McClain

Kristine came on board with WGRC as their late morning announcer in June of 2009, and currently covers the 7-9 pm weeknight shift. 

As a child who played radio with a tape recorder and her parents’ record player, Kristine grew up with the idea that a career in radio was unreachable; after all, “real people” didn’t do radio! It was while pursuing her  Bachelor of Arts in English at Messiah College that she was first exposed to radio production and broadcasting, and spent two years volunteering at the campus station, doing daily news reports, sports round-tables and women’s basketball play-by-play coverage.  After graduation, God lined up an unexpected opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a Christian radio network, and Kristine hasn’t looked back since!  In the past 23+ years, she’s learned and filled almost every role needed at a station, other than engineering.  From on-air to programming to promotions, she’s done a little bit of everything and considers audio production as one of her favorite roles to fill. 

In addition to her work with WGRC, Kristine also co-owns a creative services company that provides website and graphic design services, video & audio production and digital conversion, and she also works part-time as an administrative & communications assistant .  

A born-and-raised athlete (now retired) and sports fan, Kristine has been involved in the game of softball since childhood, playing through college and into adulthood, and more recently coaching at the high school and church league level.  She’s an avid Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies fan, enjoys NASCAR and watching friends’ soccer and baseball games.  Kristine will take any chance she gets to fly off to Alaska, whether for vacation/to visit family, or for missions trips.  She also enjoys metal detecting, chocolate, her cats, doing service projects and like most WGRC staffers, listening to a lot of music! 

I was raised in a Godly, committed Christian family — faithful participation at church, retreats and Christian camps, learning Bible stories, and eventually Christian education were a part of normal, regular life for us.  But it was at the Agape Farm in Mt. Union during the “Jesus ’78” festival (a precursor to Creation), in the children’s tent — away from the influence of my parents and church friends — where I made the personal decision to give my heart to Christ.  Since that day, life has certainly been filled with both high peaks and low valleys, but through it all I continue to trust in God’s promises: that He has never left me, that He will always provide, and that my story isn’t finished yet.


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